Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is itsmyloyalty?
  2. We believe that you can save every time you spend money. Be it in-store, at a mall, a restaurant or online. itsmyloyalty is a platform that helps you with this.

    We also have partnered with other businesses that run their loyalty programs on our platform, thus enabling the customer to save on top of what their bank is offering them.

    So you can save a lot of money with itsmyloyalty.

  3. What is Card Recommendations?
  4. It's very simple. Nearly 80% of customers do not look at the offers, cash-backs or rewards their Bank Cards provide all the time when they spend or customers just forget about them.

    Once you have told us the "TYPE" of cards you hold and tell us where you are shopping, we will recommend the best card to use from the cards you hold.

    We believe that you can save money on every spend.

  5. Is my Bank Card Information Safe?
  6. Its 100% Safe.

    We only ask you to tell us the "Type" of card you hold. For example – HSBC Platinum Credit Card or ICICI bank Debit Card.

    We do not ask you for your Card NUMBER or CVV at all.

  7. Are all the Banks available?
  8. We are continuously working to bring every bank and the corresponding card offers onto the Platform as soon as possible.

    If you do not find your bank in the current list, we have an option to let us know the Banks with whom you have cards and we will notify you first as soon as we have them on the platform.

  9. Are all the offers from a Bank Available?
  10. In the current version, we are recommending only offers and cash backs from select banks.

    We will continuously work to update these offers as and when we get the information from the banks.

    The following will be available in the future releases:

    • Rewards on your cards
    • Offers and cash-backs for Online Banking and Bank App's / Wallets
  11. Do I get recommendations for Online Banking and Bank Apps?
  12. Yes, You will get them from our future releases.

  13. Can I Add or Delete Cards?
  14. Certainly, You can add or delete your cards at anytime. Recommendations you receive will be only for those cards which you have added.

  15. Why should I tell you where I am?
  16. There are tons of Apps in the market and you get loads of notifications from all the time. We try not to do this and that's why we want you to tell us where you are.

    Leave alone getting annoyed, you tend to uninstall these Apps which start pushing you too many notifications and it's actually not your mistake because the App just notified you to death.

    So, to avoid this experience we let you choose. You can tell us "where you are" when you are in a mood to shop, only then, we provide you all the information you need to save while spending.

  17. Why should I tell you what category I am Shopping?
  18. We don't want to send you a million notifications but at the same time for us to recommend the best website that has offers on the cards you hold, we need to know what you want to shop. (Read the example in the answer for the question above for more details).

    Leave alone getting annoyed, you tend to uninstall these Apps which start pushing you too many notifications and it's actually not your mistake because the App just notified you to death.

    We wont let you down because, we believe that you can save money on every spend and we save your time from googling for deals.

  19. Is this a free App?
  20. itsmyloyalty is a FREEMIUM app.

    For the first 3 months from the time you register / install the app, it is absolutely free along with the Premium features for Card Recommendation.

    After three months you will get into a monthly / yearly subscription if you choose to access the premium features. If you choose not to go for the premium features, its FREE ofcourse.

  21. Will the free period be increased?
  22. Currently the App with its Premium features is free for 3months. If we extend this period we will intimate you for sure.

  23. What are the Premium features?
  24. To explain this we will use an example.

    Lets say you have 2 Credit Cards and 2 Debit Cards.

    That makes it 4 attributes based on which we will recommend which card to use, when you are shopping In-Store.

    Now the 2 Debit Cards that you have might have 2 Bank Apps and / or Bank Wallets.

    So the number of attributes goes up to 6 for us to recommend while shopping In-Store.

    And for sure, the 2 Debit Cards will give you access to online banking.

    This now increases the number of attributes to recommend to 8 while you are shopping online.

    So recommending for all the attributes you have will be the Premium feature.

    Once the Premium options are switched on but you want to use your App as a free version, you can choose two attributes for which you wish to receive recommendations. You will get recommendations for only those two attributes.

  25. What is the Subscription Amount?
  26. It will be a very small fee. Be sure that by availing even one offer we recommended, you will recover this cost.

    If you are looking for the exact cost, we will tell you a month before we switch from a freemium app to a premium app.

    For now its free, so stop worrying, install the app and start saving.

  27. Can I use it as a free App?
  28. Absolutely, You can use all the features of the App for free along with the non-premium parameters of the card recommendation feature.

  29. Do you have a Website?
  30. Yes. It's only for information and not functional.

    We want to help you more when you shop in-store and that’s the reason why we are focusing on the App first.

    We will release a fully functioning website very soon and our users will know about it for sure.

  31. What is "Loyalty Wallet"?
  32. As the name suggests, it's a wallet of loyalty programs.

    Multiple businesses have their own individual loyalty programs running within the itsmyloyalty platform.

    You can stop carrying loyalty cards and most importantly you do not have to remember whether you have enrolled in a program or what the program number is; nothing, at all.

    Everything will be in the App, including the points you collect at individual brands and you can even redeem them in-app.

  33. How can I use a Loyalty Program?
  34. Multiple businesses run their loyalty programs on our platform and each program might be different from the other.

    We assign you a loyalty code for each program that you enroll into, which is in the app itself.

    Every time you go to your favorite restaurant or that soothing spa or your personal clothing line, all you need to do is tap on the name of the program and you will have your code their to flash and get the loyalty benefits.

  35. What is Leaderboard?
  36. Being a loyalty app, it wont be fair if we did not have our own loyalty program.

    So the leaderboard in a way is itsmyloyalty's own loyalty program.

    We assign points for actions you take. From simply posting a pic on our social platform to rating and reviewing businesses to just telling us where you are to referring a friend, we have a host of ways where you can earn points.

    We also award bonus points for multiple actions and also you get to climb levels and compete with your friends.

    Click Here to see how you can earn points.

  37. How can I use/redeem these points?
  38. From time to time we will run contests where you can use your points.

    We are building a kickass program for you to use the points all the time and save more money. We will inform you once this is ready.

  39. What is Social?
  40. Social is itsmyloyalty social platform, where you can post, comment, upload pic, check-in and do plenty more.

    Interestingly you can also see what your friends are doing; Shopping or eating out or just enjoying a massage in a cool spa.

  41. What do I get for referring friends ?
  42. To start with you get leaderboard points for referring.

    From time to time we will run contests and you can win vouchers or even subscriptions.

  43. What is Rating and Review?
  44. Every business wants to hear from its customers on how they are doing.

    Currently this feature is open only to restaurants. You are very welcome to provide your rating or review.

    Once other businesses are added, you can start providing your feedback about them as well.

  45. What is "Recommendations for Me"?
  46. This feature is currently available only for the restaurants segment.

    Once you complete your profile, itsmyloyalty will automatically recommend restaurants near you based on your taste and preferences.

    As you use more of the restaurant loyalty programs that are available on the platform, the recommendation algorithm becomes smarter and will recommend based on your food behavior patterns as well.